Sunday Jan. 29th: Yoga for the Pelvic Floor with Stacey Zimet

Muladhara chakra

Yoga and the Pelvic Floor with Stacey Zimet
Sunday January 29th 12-2pm

We're delighted to offer monthly workshops dedicated to pelvic floor health with Stacey Zimet. These are perfect for those who are experiencing stress incontinence and other pelvic floor issues. They are also important for those who want to keep their pelvic floor muscles strong and balanced. Stacey completed an immersion in the Pelvic Floor Integration Method. She's excited to integrate this training into her 20+ years of teaching to keep your pelvic floor balanced.

The pelvic floor is your center of power and radiance. Learn to feel, embody and recruit the deepest layers of your pelvic floor for all movement. Learn the differences between common types of pelvic floor issues and how to eliminate them with yoga, breath awareness, and postural alignment. Through this new awareness, you'll feel connected, grounded, vibrant and relaxed. 

Workshop investment $40

Pelvic floor workshops will take place the last Sunday of the month, January - April 2021.

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