Wheel of the Year Special Edition: Jan 16, 23 & 30 2021

AJ Durand, Balance Yoga & Wellness

Practical Magic for a Post 2020 World 

Practical Magic Bootcamp 2021

Join AJ Durand (and some other magical creatures) for this 15 day intensive to supercharge your relationship to your own personal power through healing magic. This special edition of his signature Wheel of the Year Workshop series is specifically dedicated to Optimum Wellness and Emotional Health through Modern Witchcraft. 

These health oriented spells and tricks will help you: 

● Identify your own unique Spiritual Path 

● Tap into your Creativity & Follow Through 

● Manage feelings of Uncertainty & Anxiety 

● Build an Altar Practice & Manifest Intentions 

● Learn the Basics of Astrology & Tarot 

● Understand and use Cosmic Rhythm 

● Feel Connected to People Again 

We’ll meet online for initial Introductions and Instructions, then get started with an at-home interactive workbook to assess your values and habits. We’ll stay in touch through a private network for guidance and inspiration. We will meet as a group to check in, dig deeper and share skills for building a balanced relationship with your circadian rhythm, sense of motivation and personal spirituality. The workshop culminates in a special group ceremony to honor the Neo Pagan Sabbat of Imbolc (Groundhogs Day/Feast of St. Brigid) and plant seeds for the coming spring season. 

Learn why witches are associated with brooms, why spring cleaning is a pagan ritual, candle magic and kitchen witchery and much much more. 

Register by January 14th to Receive your Interactive Workbook 

Workshop Details

Weekly Zoom Sessions
Saturdays 2:00-3:30pm
Jan 16, 23 & 30 

Join from Anywhere In the World

Tiered Pricing to Suit your Circumstance
$42 - for Folks with Reduced Income
$79 - for Working Pals (Standard Price)
$108 - Helps the Underdog

** Booking includes FREE attendance at "Just the Journal Workshop." A few days before the workshop, you'll receive instructions and the zoom link from AJ.

AJ Durand

AJ Durand has been a student of Yoga since 2003.   He is known most for his sense of humor, playfulness and his genuine enthusiasm while teaching. He creates a casual but focused environment and he encourages you to ask questions, explore new techniques, and work your personal edge.  He studied under the tutelage of Quinn Kearney, Claire Mark, Geri Bleier, and Tom Quinn at Yogaview in Chicago where he completed 500 hours of Certification. He began his focus for alignment oriented and therapeutic yoga in 2010 inspired by Iyengar Master Teacher, Gabriel Halpern and has since acquired over 900 hours of cumulative study.  He leads the Yoga Matside™ Teacher Training and founded the Wheel of the Year Workshop. For more information visit his website www.ajdurandonthemat.com

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