Yoga and Healthy Eating Cleanse – Kick Off 1pm Saturday March 8th

As Mardi Gras rolls in, so do the parties, king cakes and cocktails.  A crucial aspect of our local culture is the festivals – Mardi Gras, Jazzfest, French Quarter Fest.  And we love the parties – but we don’t always love the after-fest feeling of heaviness and maybe even pale pasty skin.

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

I grew up here in New Orleans and understand the culture very well.  But I have also experienced life outside the Big Easy’s Bubble for 15 years – France, Ireland, Thailand and India mostly.  I’ve brought back many ideas and ways to live well while enjoying life.

Let’s take 30 days to get healthy before Jazzfest.  You won’t be disappointed.  Imagine how great you’ll be able to move when you shed a few pounds and have loads of energy from shedding those toxins.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been studying to become a Dietitian/Nutritionist and completed a clinical internship via Tulane School of Public Health.   Why all the work?

I feel like there is a lack of simple, practical nutritional advice from qualified nutritionists.  

Sure there are tons of people ready to tell you how to lose weight quickly by jumping on the latest bandwagon.  Let me introduce Your Balanced Plate – your source for simple, science based nutritional advice.

My first offering is a Healthy Eating Cleanse.  Four weeks of healthy eating for you. This cleanse can be done anywhere by anyone. New Orleans locals get added bonus – we get to meet in person for the Cleanse Kick Off and you also get a free Healthy Eating Cooking Class as part of the cleanse.

How does it work?   

You join the cleanse via Your Balanced Plate – and you get access to a Weekly Meal Plan, my newly released 50+ page recipe book, daily diet checklist, and much more.  You also get to join the cleanse forum for six months, a support group for all those cleansers.  Jessica will answer any questions you might have and post motivational advice and links to recipes on the forum.  You will also get four Mindful Breathing & Meditation podcasts to practice at home.

You come to the Yoga & Healthy Eating Cleanse Kick Off and the Healthy Eating Cooking Class, if your schedule allows.

What about yoga?

You have a few options.  We’d love for you to practice yoga with us as part of the cleanse.  You can get daily yoga and much more for $88/month with a four month commitment, or you can pay for one month for $108, or there are class cards.

If you’d prefer to practice at another studio, or to do yoga at home, that is fine.  We will give you suggestions for how to practice and a weekly podcast you can use for breathing exercises.

How much does it cost?

If you sign up by March 8th, you get the cleanse at 50% off only $49.  After that the price will increase to its normal price of $98.

Learn more about the cleanse here or join now! (this will redirect you to Your Balanced Plate’s checkout page where you will create your login and get access to the Cleanse Packet)

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