Yoga For Men – 6 Week Series Starts June 16th

Admit it.  You would love for your husband or partner to come to yoga. You know how much yoga can benefit any body.

But each time they come with you to a yoga class, they feel self-conscious about being the only guy. They feel clumsy, stiff and silly.

And then during class you cringe when you see him try to do postures that he should modify. After class he complains about an achey back and sore knees and vows never to do yoga again.

We hear you. And the answer is a yoga class geared specifically towards men’s bodies.

Topics covered in this six week series include:

  • how to be comfortable in yoga poses in any class
  • how to gain flexibility and balance without losing strength
  • how to add yoga poses to your daily workout routine
  • how to prevent every day injury with all-purpose alignment techniques

Use this series to start from scratch or to deepen your current practice.

Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm
June 16th – July 21st

Book your spot here.

Beginners and advanced practitioners will learn alignment points geared toward men in every pose, and techniques they can use in any yoga classes or stretching after a workout.

Lead by Amanda Credeur, E-RYT 200, the classes will be appropriate for any level. With six years experience teaching a wide variety of students, and over a decade of personal practice, Amanda’s classes focuses on healthy alignment in a flow style sequence to build strength, increase flexibility, and prevent injury.

Pricing: $66 for six week series booked by June 10th, $72 otherwise. Drop in class $15.

Book your spot in Yoga for Men here.

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