Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

With Stacey Zimet

Muladhara chakra

Saturday January 20th, 2024
With Stacey Zimet

Unlock the secrets to harnessing your center of power and radiance.  Delve into the art of feeling, embodying, and activating the deepest layers of your pelvic floor for enhanced movement.

Explore the nuances of common pelvic floor issues and equip yourself with empowering tools – from yoga techniques and breath awareness to postural alignment – enabling you to address and eliminate these challenges independently. Through this journey of self-discovery, cultivate a profound connection, grounding, vibrancy, and relaxation that radiate from your core. Unleash your inner strength and embrace a revitalized sense of well-being with this enlightening workshop.

* No prior yoga experience necessary 

About Stacey 

I hope to guide others to a place of deep listening, wherein lies peace and ease. My teaching is not about perfection or codification of asana, but connecting with the free flowing energy that brings us vibrant well-being. For years I strived for outward achievement in my yoga practice, studying in Mysore, India for many, many extended trips and practicing advanced series. I received authorizations....but ultimately these outward manifestations are not as important as the peace obtained from knowing yourself and knowing how to connect with the limitless source of vitality, or Shakti. This feminine energy is unleashed not by doing, but by letting go and trusting the body's inherent wisdom.

My passion is twofold:  guiding women to reconnect with the sacred center, the pelvic floor. This root chakra is home not only to the very source of human life, but also to our empowerment. It is often compromised or blocked by stress, trauma, and childbirth. Fortunately it has an infinite capacity to heal, often by letting go to find the inherent wisdom within. I also love to help people build and sustain a practice that is personalized, according to lifestyle and dosha that flucuates with the changing seasons of life.

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