Yoga and Healthy Eating Challenge: February 24th – March 31st

Kick off and Intro – Sunday February 24th 2-4pm 
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In New Orleans, due to the local traditions and customs we get two cracks at New Year’s Resolutions.  Round 1 starts January 1st and Round 2 starts after Mardi Gras.    At Balance Yoga, we notice that class sizes heave right after New Years, then slowly dwindle as we approach Mardi Gras.  And then on Ash Wednesday, the yoga students come back to class a little bit tired and sometimes hungover.

This year, why not approach that Post-Mardi Gras time with a BANG?  We will help you with our March Yoga Challenge.  It starts February 25th, to give you a couple weeks to get your schedule together following Mardi Gras.

What is the Yoga and Healthy Eating Challenge?
A challenge to practice yoga with consistency and dedication.
A challenge to prioritize yourself.
A challenge to introduce a few healthy eating habits to your life.
A challenge to establish a routine with healthy, sustainable habits built in.
A challenge to find YOUR BALANCE!

How does it work?
You decide how many times per week you can commit to practicing yoga – 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7!
You come to the kick off meeting Sunday, February 24th 2pm.
At this meeting ou write a contract with yourself with this commitment.
We will give you a kick start of healthy eating, shopping and recipe guidelines.
We give you a discount on your yoga classes
We give you a few guidelines for healthy eating
Challenge dates:  4 weeks between February 25th – March 31st
Special price for all challenge participants –  $100 for the month of yoga! 
You must commit to attending at least 3 classes per week! 

Benefits During the Challenge:
– One discounted massage with KT Massage Therapy ($70, $15 savings)
– Discounts on Ayurvedic Consultations with Sharon Floyd
– Weekly healthy eating advice
– Support from your Yoga Advisors on how to choose the best classes and any other concerns
– You will feel great!

Prizes for Completing the Challenge
– 2 Participants will win a 30 minute massage with KT Massage Therapy
– 1 Participant will win an Ayurvedic Consultation with Sharon Floyd
– 1 Participant will win Free Yoga for 1 month!
– 20% discount on your next yoga package from Balance!

Yoga Challenge Kick Off – February 25th 2-4pm
RSVP Online here.

Can’t make the kick-off meeting?  Email and she will send you a form complete and instructions on how to sign up online.

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  • Ganesha says:

    My resolution is continue with Eating Like a Nutritarian! has most healthy information on this. Love dark green vegetables and those sorbets. And continue yoga practice for life, Ashtanga of course.

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