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Are You Feeling the Burn? by Sharon Floyd

Have you ever felt your temperature rise after one sip of wine or a cocktail? Then before you know it you’re forehead is damp and your shirt is soaked? Living in New Orleans, we’ve all felt the weight of the oppressive heat and humidity. Booze Burns One time at a party in the woods, one […]

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Why Introverts Make Inspiring Yoga Teachers

Let’s face it. Social media fools us with images of yoga teachers… posing on beaches, in busy traffic, on top of mountains. Do you think that yoga teachers must delight in being in the limelight? Have your dreamed of studying  yoga or teaching, but dismissed your musings because you’re an introvert? I enrolled in a […]

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3 Myths of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga That Even Advanced Yogis Believe

Have you seen Mysore-style Ashtanga on our schedule, and thought….what’s that? Were you scared because you’ve heard that it’s dangerous, rigid or complicated? Let’s face it. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga intimidates people.  It’s practiced in a quiet room, and new and experienced students practice together. Spooked by Mysore-style, you attend whatever class fits your schedule. By surrendering […]

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Why I Need the 40-Day Reboot: Confessions of a Junk Food Vegan

Tracey surprised me with this brutally honest post. I’m pretty sure her sentiments resonate with many of you. Especially during Mardi Gras. Join her and sign up for the 40-Day Reboot. It’ll actually make getting healthier fun.   I’m sick. Nothing major, just a cold. Here’s the problem: I was also sick the week before […]

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2016 Schedule Changes

We’re welcoming 2016 with more fantastic yoga offerings. New Teacher, Stephen Link Stephen teaches “Unorthodox Ashtanga,” which utilizes the sequences of Ashtanga Yoga as templates which can and should be modified in order to meet the needs of each body. Mondays 4:30pm Vinyasa Wednesdays 6:30am Mysore Fridays 4:30pm Happy Hour Yoga Saturdays 4:00pm Guided Ashtanga […]

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Holiday Schedule: Do something unexpected

As hard as you try to avoid holiday stress. It creeps in. Despite your best intentions. And it’s okay to admit that it makes you feel crazy. Balancing planning for the New Year with finding the right gifts can easily get the best of you. Not to mention figuring out what to do or where […]

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8 Wellness Gifts That Make You Happier and Healthier

It’s overwhelming. The holiday fever that spreads like wildfire. The pressure to find just the right birthday gifts for her . This year, why not try a different approach to gifts? It’s proven that experiences make us happier than stuff. So why not give (and receive) gifts that make you happier from the inside out? […]

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Help Us To Grow Our Garden With Compost

Will you help us out? We’re ready to plant seeds, grow roots and create a beautiful, peaceful backyard space for you to enjoy with different trees and plants, and we’re event thinking on getting glow in the dark paint for plants so the garden will look even better. Contribute to the garden’s growth by bring […]

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Creating Space – Saturday August 29th 10am with Courtney Kappes

Note from Jessica: Some of you might attend Yoga on the Levee Saturday. If you’d prefer to practice in your hOME in mid-city, join us for a class full of heart-openers led by Courtney Kappes. Class cards, donations, or any heartfelt contribution accepted. Here’s a touching story about yoga from Courtney.  Eleven years ago on August 4th I fell in love […]

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