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What’s In A Name?

As yoga evolves, the difference between “styles” has lessened. Teachers learn from different schools of yoga and teachers. This is healthy and creates a richer yoga experience. Our instructors don’t fit the mold of one style or another. They are diverse. Common threads are woven between our classes — living yoga’s philosophy, mindfulness, attention to safe […]

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Want to Live Longer? Consider A Teacher Training

You’ve noticed that most yoga studios offer teacher training courses. Our training goes beyond training yoga teachers. Our training establishes a foundation of knowledge that will support and improve the rest of your life, plus if you are planning on establishing your own gym later on, we can help you work with Jimmy Huh, a […]

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3 Little-Known Facts About Yoga Teacher Trainings

So you love yoga. You love how it settles your mind. You love how it takes you out of your mind’s constant chatter. And those around you love how it makes you more patient and less snappy. Have you ever thought about how you can really unpack yoga and all it’s mysteries? Have you toyed […]

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Should You Do A Yoga Training? By Cori Cooper

Cori Cooper completed our 2017-18 yoga teacher training. Though she had enrolled in earlier years, life got in the way. Read about how the training changed her life in this article in Elephant Journal.  Here’s the beginning of the article:Have you ever heard people say their yoga training changed their life, but they couldn’t really […]

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What You’re Gonna Need When All The Parades Are Over

Getting healthy can be dauntingEspecially during carnival season. You wanna have washboard abs. You wanna eat good. You wanna look hot and feel like a badass. You also wanna party like there’s no tomorrow. We all wanna.So what’s the diff between people who hit their health targets and people who just wanna? Habits.  Too easy? No. Thinking […]

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Our 2018 Manifesto: Greater Clarity, Commitment and Community

Why We All Need the Three C’sLooking ahead to 2018, we’re embracing three C’s: clarity, commitment and community.Let me explain.The C’s explain our approach to yoga.Some people think yoga’s a trend. Some people think it’s a religion. Some people think it’s a workout.We believe yoga is a path to a happier, healthier life. For many people, […]

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How to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Holiday Season

“It won’t happen this time. This year will be different.”~the story in your headAround the holiday season, many of us start to get stressed.Even if you tell yourself you won’t this year, and even if you do everything you can to take care of yourself…Stress starts to creep into your consciousness. Like a gremlin that […]

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