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Our Membership

We have created this membership to encourage your commitment to yoga and to grow our budding community. Even if you plan to come to yoga two times a week, this is a great deal for you.  The cost of our membership is just $88 per month via credit card autopay, and comes with a ton […]

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Wellness Re-balancing with Jessica Blanchard

Let’s be honest. Most of us can’t survive on green juices and sprouts – and I wouldn’t recommend that anyway. Many of the most effective and time-tested methods of healing are based around the idea that food is medicine, and that your overall health is based on what you put into your body, for example […]

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Diet, Yoga & Lifestyle Package

Vibrant health comes by balancing good diet, exercise, lifestyle and personally fulfilling activities. At Balance Yoga & Wellness we offer packages which address all of these areas: yoga has profound and deep effects on both the outward muscular form and inner strength. For example I’ve been using this amazing Country Recipe Book where I read […]

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