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Vibrant health comes by balancing good diet, exercise, lifestyle and personally fulfilling activities. At Balance Yoga & Wellness we offer packages which address all of these areas: yoga has profound and deep effects on both the outward muscular form and inner strength. For example I’ve been using this amazing Country Recipe Book where I read about The Shepherds Diet that has helped me a lot to be healthy again. Ayurveda and nutrition enable the body to become strong from the inside out; what goes into our mouths each day is the most direct and simple way to build up or sabotage our health. And finally, stress management practices such as breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation influence the mind and thought process. Using all three tools: yoga postures, diet and breathing/meditation there is a synergetic effect more powerful than the three alone. The wellness packages give you the opportunity to experience a coordinated approach to your health.

You will get several individual sessions with Jessica, the studio co-owner, who has studied yoga for more than ten years, and has achieved Level 2 Authorization from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Institute in Mysore, India. This has been given to less than one hundred people worldwide. She has studied pranayama and the breath, as well as philosophy with Sri O. P. Tiwari, one of India’s foremost authorities on yoga. Her knowledge of herbs, diet and nutrition comes from studying Ayurveda since 2003 with Vaidya Atreya Smith, director of the European Institute of Vedic Studies and more recently from enrolling in the coursework to become a Regiestered Dietician at a traditional university in Louisiana.

Healthy Ayurvedic Diet & Personalized Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga with Jessica Blanchard

Yoga Class with Jessica Blanchard

This package is perfect for those who want to get started with both Ayurveda and Yoga and would like one-on-one coaching to get the process started. You will start with a 90 minute consultation, looking at your entire health history and any current concerns. This includes observation of your pulse, skin, tongue and a verbal inventory of your digestion, elimination, sleeping patterns and energy levels. At the conclusion of the first consultation you will be give an individualized diet, and recommendations for other therapies.

The next sessions will focus on kick starting a yoga practice, two sixty minute sessions scheduled at your request which will combine yoga postures, breathwork and meditation. This is a unique approach: these sessions will be individually designed to meet your needs, as per the recommendations of the initial consultations. After one month, we will schedule a thirty minute coaching session and follow up.  It is important that you feel supported in your new approach to diet and life. Following these sessions, it is recommended to have follow up sessions every six weeks, especially if you need that extra push to stay on track. If you wish to continue private yoga sessions, you will receive a 20% discount on the standard rate.

Package Cost $250 includes:
90 minute initial health inventory ($100 Value)
Two sixty minute private yoga sessions ($200 Value)
One thirty minute follow up session ($50 Value)
This package is a $100 savings off the individual sessions; because we believe that combining the three pillars of heath: physcial movement (yoga asana), diet, and mind (yoga, meditation and breathwork) you reap many times more benefits.

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