Quick 4 Week Intro to Yoga: Finding Balance taught by Jessica Blanchard

Find your Balance with Postures, Breathing and Lifestyle

4 Week Series – Mondays 6-7:30pm
Feb. 3rd – 24th

Series limited to 15 students; Book online now!  Students booking the series will be able to attend any drop in class at a special rate of $8 for the duration of the series.

An Intro Series is a great way to start a yoga practice, whether you are returning after or a break or completely new.  Jessica draws on her more than 10 years of experience teaching yoga to create an inclusive, warm, non-judgmental and non-competitive atmosphere.

Each 90 minute class in this 4 week series will focus on three key aspects of yoga

1. Yoga Postures (asana) – 60 minutes of asana based on Ashtanga Yoga.  You will learn how to complete Sun Salutations A & B, Standing Postures, Key Seated Postures, and a closing sequence.  Emphasis on correct alignment, and developing a home practice.

2. Breathing (pranayama) & Meditation – 15 minutes of pranayama & meditation.  Learning to calm the mind with your breath is a key aspect of stress management and calming our over active nervous system.  You will learn a short routine that can be done anytime and anywhere!

3. Lifestyle (dharma) – 15 minutes of discussion on how yoga can apply to our daily lives:  How can yoga make me happier? How do we interact with others so that we build happiness rather than pain?  How do we take care of ourselves so that we are happier and more aware?

Putting it all together, you will leave class feeling physically invigorated and mentally calm.

New and experienced students are welcome to join this series.

Series will be limited to 15 students.  Drop-ins with some yoga experience accepted if space permits.

4 Week Series – Feb. 3rd – 24th;
* Students booking the series will be able to attend any other Balance class at the special rate of $8! 

Cost:  Early Bird $44 extended to Feb. 3rd, due to snow disruptions.  Book online now!

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